Thematic Roundtables

Every day, the program of the HR Leadership Summit includes a series of interactive, thematic roundtables aimed at enabling high-level discussions and interaction on carefully selected, compelling HRM issues and challenges.

As the number of participants is limited to ensure maximal interaction and quality of the discussions, pre-registration to the roundtables is mandatory. Invitations to the roundtables are sent via personal email.

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15:00 - 15 :45
Roundtable RT1

Hosted by SAP in partnership with Emeritis

How technology supports (re)skilling - Are you ready for the challenge?

One of the biggest challenges for organizations today is to navigate the fast-changing skills landscape. According to the HC Trends 2020, 74% of organizations say reskilling the workforce is important for their success but only 10% say they are very ready to address this trend. Are you?

Moderator: Dries Aendekerk, Director Human Capital, Emeritis – a Deloitte Business

15:00 - 15:45
Roundtable RT2

Hosted by Attentia

Will remote working change your organization design and can you prepare for this?

COVID-19 catapults HR into the spotlight. The biggest change is the switch to (partly) remote working, and raises some critical questions: How will remote working impact your organization design ? Does it mean the end of functional leadership as we know it? Do we still need managers or shall we shift to self-managing teams?

Moderator Yanick Coesens, Sr. Business Development Manager Sourcing, Attentia

15:00 - 15:45
Roundtable RT3

Hosted by Transearch

Adopting the SHA: SHAke minds, SHApe solutions, SHAre experiences.

This roundtable will focus on engagement and more precisely how to know and to measure the reasons why your people stay, which values drive their commitment to stay onboard, and what really motivates them in the new normal. One of the pillars of the answers is undoubtedly engagement.

Moderator : Charles-Eric Simons, Partner, Transearch

18:30 - 19:15
Roundtable RT4

Hosted by Deloitte

The social enterprise at work: paradox as a path forward

The power of the social enterprise lies in its ability to bring a human focus to everything it touches, empowering people to work productively with technology to create lasting value for themselves, their organizations, and society at large. Now comes the time to challenge the view that technology and humanity are distinct domains. By recognizing that greater value comes from a fusion of the 2, organizations can chart a path forward to embrace one of the greatest paradoxes they face today: can organizations remain distinctly human in a technology-driven world?

Moderator: Yves van Durme, Global Organisation Transformation Leader, Deloitte


13:15 - 14:00
Roundtable RT5

Hosted by Securex

NWOW with a link to distance leadership

The corona crisis is still ongoing and will continue for some time. This crisis has shown that there exist still many opportunities in the broad field of New Way of Working. The crisis has also shown that numerous challenges are involved. Besides corona, other elements influence the NWOW, for instance the unstoppable digital evolution. Your workers tell you about new needs, especially in terms of flexibility. How to respond to them? How to create an environment in which both flexibility and productivity can take center stage? What are the opportunities? And what are the pitfalls?

Moderator: Elisabeth Van Steendam, Sr. HR Consultant, Securex

13:15 - 14:00
Roundtable RT6

Hosted by Phusis

How collaborative governance impacts legal, payroll & HR?

Collaborative governance deeply transforms organizations. It is another way of thinking, another way of working. How to deal with new organizational schemes wherein people hierarchy turns into a purpose hierarchy? How to manage employees ‘evolution and promotion when traditional assessment frameworks no longer exist? How to negotiate with trade-unions and adapt contracts, salaries, and legal protection when decisions are distributed at all the levels of the organization and the workplace dematerialized?

Moderator: Laurent Ledoux, Managing Partner, Phusis
Panel: Anne-Laure Cordier, Phusis, fr. Goodman, Caroline Lefaible (Partena), Veerle Vanroey (Zorgnet).

18:30 – 19:15
Roundtable RT7

Hosted by Phusis

How collaborative organizations achieve employees’ autonomy, self-development and inclusion?

This roundtable will gather HR Leaders for a debate on the key success factors and pitfalls they encounter throughout their organizational transformation journey. The roundtable will confront views and experiences to highlight practical insights and solutions to overcome collective and individual challenges.

Moderator: Laurent Ledoux (Phusis)
Panel: Anne-Laure Cordier (ex Goodman), Elina Badetz (EDF), Filip Roels (Delaware); Veerle Bogaert (PZ Bethanië - Emmaüs); Martin Ruebens (former General Secretary of the Chancellery of the Flemish government)

18:30 - 19:15
Roundtable RT8

Hosted by Deloitte

Exponential HR: accelerating the break from traditional HR to the post-Covid19 new reality

HR leaders, in particular, have been at the center of their organization’s rapid response to this crisis, and have been playing a central role in keeping the workforce engaged, productive and resilient. To keep momentum and lead authentically, HR must reimagine its role, the outcomes they deliver, and how they operate. This requires a pivot to Exponential HR.

Moderators: Liesbeth Van Malderghem, HR Transformation Leader, Deloitte; Evelyne Eykelberg, Sr. Manager High-Impact HR, Deloitte


15:00 - 15:45
Roundtable RT9

Hosted by Securex

Flex rewarding & salary/cost optimisation

  • What are the current challenges in terms of rewarding strategy?
  • How to attract and retain talent through competitive salary packages while remaining legally compliant.
  • How to increase the attractiveness of your business by optimizing your salary costs ?

Moderator : Joëlle Boutefeu, Sr. Consultant, Securex

15:00 - 15:45
Roundtable RT10

Hosted by SAP in partnership with Deleware

The Future of Learning

Technology is advancing faster than ever, but is the work force able to adapt? Today, digital adoption has moved beyond being a project, and into an approach. And it is clearly a journey rather than a destination.
Join the discussion on how to replace one-shot training activities with snackable content in continuous learning journeys. 

Moderator: Dimitri Roman, Senior Learning Architect & Evangelist, Delaware

18:45 - 19:30
Roundtable RT11

Hosted by Deloitte

Returning to work in the future of work: embracing purpose, potential and perspective

COVID-19 has challenged organizations to do 3 things at once: stage the return to work, understand and leverage the advancements they enacted during the crisis, and chart a new path forward. Focusing on the return to work alone is not a viable option, as it will not allow organizations to capitalize on all that they have experienced and learned over the past few months. Instead, organizations should embrace Thomas Friedman’s perspective that humans who want to adapt in an age of acceleration must develop dynamic stability and draws energy from it.

Moderator: Steve Hatfield, Global Leader Future of Work, Deloitte

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