Building the NextGen organisation: balancing the efficient and the effective

We are working hard on designing a very robust program enhanced by truly inspiring cases, real-world best practices, and research-based guidance.

Through a variety of formats, the Summit 2017 will battle out a series controversial topics selected among the most compelling ones in CHROs’ minds, being :

# The new pillars of truly innovative and efficient organisations

# Re-thinking performance management beyond traditional assessment programs

# The open talent economy: towards a brand new HR ecosystem

# Demystifying HR analytics, big data and artificial intelligence

# How will the ‘gig’ economy completely reshape organisational design and effectiveness

# The big organisational shift: collaboration at the intersection of humans, technology and machines

# Building a change-capable workforce: the new driver to HR value

# The changing nature of compensation, benefits & rewards

# Simplification of work: bringing people productivity to the next level

# Goodbye strategic workforce planning, hello strategic (re)sourcing planning

# Innovative Learning & Development: moving up the maturity curse

# Becoming an irresistible organisation through NextGen employee experience and engagement

# Etc.