Executive Master Classes

A series of top-level Executive Master Classes traditionally sets the scenes to the HR Leadership Summit. Master Classes provide strategic insights and critical nuances by combining visions, expertise and practical cases to life in an easily digestible and time-convenient format.

When : 23 May 2018
Where : Château du Lac | 1330 Genval
Timing : 14.00 to 16.15
Participation: free of charge, on invitation. Pre-registration is mandatory

STREAM 1 – 14.00 to 14.40

Master Class 1.1 – Treating Your Employees Like Customers: the Airbnb case

  • Turning employee experience into the pillar of a great place to work
  • Poor customer service costs US companies $62 billion while poor employee service costs $500 billion. So why do we focus so much on customers and so little on employees?
  • Real life marketing and HR inspirations on how to reinvent the employee experience in your organization.

Presented by Dustin Robinson – Digital Content Manager at Talentsoft



Master Class 1.2 – The conceptual paradox of self-directed teams: brilliance or blunder?

  • Understanding why self-directed teams are a conceptual paradox
  • Why do a company want to implement self directing teams?
  • Implementing self-directing teams: which real impacts on the organization?
  • Lesson from real-life: what works, what doesn’t, what are the critical success factors?

Presented by Wout Van Impe, Group Director, Mercuri Urval


STREAM 2 – 14.45 to 15.25

Master Class 2.1 - Employee experience: beyond the buzz toward a business-focused and data-driven strategy

  • Viewing employee experience as the foundation of the future of work
  • How to turn employee experience into measurable business value
  • What HR can learn from customer experience and marketing approaches – a real life case"

Presented by Steven Plehier, Director Digital HR & Employee Experience; and Laura Stevens, People Analytics Expert; Deloitte


Master Class 2.2 – Reshaping training and L&D agility to nurture the future of work

  • Blended learning, digital learning, webinars, e-learning…: which method (s) to choose for your company?
  • How to really involve and engage workers in their training journey?
  • How to measure the ROI of agile training and its real impact on individuals?
  • Your gift: A free access to a practical digital training Journey!

Presented by Marie Vandenberghe, Managing Director, Quality Training; and Christine Nauwelaers, Talent Specialist, Securex



STREAM 3 – 15.30 to 16.10

Master Class 3.1 – Unlocking the flexible organization: organizational design for an uncertain future

  • Reshaping organizational structures to accommodate new global operating environments and respond to new challenges
  • How could organizations become more adaptable by unlocking the power of networked teams
  • The challenges of the flexible organization – inspiring cases and lessons

Presented by Nathalie Vandaele, Partner Organization Transformation; and Annelies Verbruggen, Senior Manager Organization Transformation


HCM Master Class 3.2 – The A-Z of the Organization Culture

  • Does your oganization have a great story, and do leaders share it in a way that inspires?
  • Do you invest at least as much (quality) time at the top of the house on culture as you do on strategy?
  • How are you preparing tomorrow’s flat, focused, and flexible organization?
  • What should you do with people who do not live your organization’s values?

Presented by Yves Storez, Managing Partner; and Tanguy Van Reeth, Managing Partner – Transearch


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