Executive Master Classes

The program of the HR Leadership Summit traditionally starts with a series of top-level Executive Master Classes that provide strategic insights and critical nuances by combining visions, expertise and practical cases to life in an easily digestible and time-convenient format.

When : 15 May 2019
Where : Château du Lac | 1330 Genval
Timing : 14.00 to 16.00
Participation : free of charge, on invitation only
Registration : Pre-registration for the master classes is mandatory

STREAM 1 – 14.00 to 14.35

Master Class 1.1 - The future of work: towards the augmented workforce

Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models and cognitive tools, work is drastically changing. And while robotics, AI, the gig economy and crowds exponentially take ground, jobs are being reinvented, creating the so-called “augmented workforce”.
This master class will explore the latest insights and share ideas for shaping the organizations, work and workers of the future.


Master Class 1.2 - Hacking the future of HR with artificial intelligence

  • AI, intelligent payroll, machine learning, bots…: envisioning the next generation HR
  • Bringing AI to life to make HR work smarter: where to start?
  • Integrating payroll with augmented HR analytics and AI to build the new center of overall decision making
  • Bots as a service: the ultimate form of HR intelligence?


STREAM 2 – 14.40 to 15.15

Master Class 2.1 - Digital HR: re-thinking the real mission and purpose

HR is being asked to take on a larger role in helping organizations to be digital, not just do digital. The process starts with digital transformation in HR, as HR leaders explore new technologies, platforms, and ways of working. This master class will explore the latest trends and the lessons learned from these journeys.


Master Class 2.2 – Making employee development and analytics self-service and actionable

  • The real impact of automation on organizations & the future of work.
  • Career & development ownership: how to make it accessible and self-service?
  • People Analytics and insights made easy and actionable.


STREAM 3 – 15.20 to 15.55

Master Class 3.1 - Digital transformation? Don’t forget the human element

  • From business transformation to the digitized workplace: keeping it simple and efficient
  • Enhancing the employee experience beyond the hype
  • Employee engagement and workforce performance: how to close the gap?
  • Putting people first, and reap the rewards !


Master Class 3.2 - How can HR really thrive workforce intelligence and business insights through advanced analytics?

This master class will explore how to set up an ongoing workforce intelligence process -and culture- with the purpose to connect hard and soft data and answer critical questions like, e.g.: What is the real impact of our collaboration processes on the bottom line? Is workload the direct cause of burn-outs? What are our most efficient recruitment sources, and how to benchmark them? Are our evaluation cycles and people performance ratings consistent across the organization? Are our employees fairly compensated, and how optimized is our wage policy? How to improve employee safety with predictive analytics?


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