Executive Master Classes

A series of top-level executive Master Classes traditionally set the scenes to the HR Leadership Summit. Master Classes provide strategic insights and critical nuances by combining visions, expertise and practical cases to life in an easily digestible and time-convenient format.

When : 21 February 2017
Where : Château du Lac | 1330 Genval
Timing : 14.00 to 16.15
Participation: free of charge, on invitation. Pre-registration is mandatory

STREAM 1 – 14.00 to 14.40

HCM Master Class 1 – Leveraging digital disruption to create the HR of the future

  • Understanding the digital horizon and its real impact on HR
  • Building sustainable HR and employee experience in an age of digital disruption

Presented by Steven Plehier, Director Human Capital Consulting, Deloitte


HCM Master Class 2 – Leading the way in a digital world : transparency, engagement, agility

  • Embracing digital transformation from an organisational and people perspective
  • How do modern technologies really help transform and sustain business over time
  • Transparency, engagement, agility: the core pillars of the nextgen organsiation success
  • Practical cases and lessons learned from Hitachi and Philips

Presented by Daniela Porr, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Workday



HR Master Class 3 – Are you really ready for the future of work ?

  • How should HR reinvent itself to meet the future challenges coming its' way?
  • Understanding how cognitive technologies can transform and re-invent HR practices
  • Making more efficient use of data to drive new people insights

Presented by Dave Millner, HR Futurist, IBM Workforce Science; and Marc Decorte, CEO, Shell Belgium


Featured case

STREAM 2 – 14.45 to 15.25

HCM Master Class 4 – Building the nextgen organisation for talent

  • The economic graph: how to digitally map economic opportunities and required talents?
  • Creating the conditions in which talents can really grow and engage ss individuals and as a team.
  • Building and executing the nextgen employer brand: learning from best practices

Presented by Eelco van der Vorm, Strategic Brand Expert, LinkedIn


HCM Master Class 5 – Digital transformation powered by HR : the Agfa case

  • How to achieve a digital transformation through HR leadership?
  • Assessing and building the next generation of HR
  • Future challenges for the nextgen organisation and the nextgen HR

Presented by Peter Dignef, Global Head of HR Services, Agfa; and introduced by Danny Cornelis, AE HR Solutions, SAP SuccessFactors



HCM Master Class 6 - Long term employability through personalisation – the BNP Paribas Fortis case

  • Life-long learning and reward : the BNP Paribas Fortis case
  • Using artificial intelligence to support personalised choices in learning solutions
  • Taking personalised reward two steps further : leading to better employability and sustainable choices

Presented by Bert Van Rompaey, Chief HR Officer, BNP Paribas Fortis; and Roeland Van Dessel, CEO, Unbox



STREAM 3 – 15.30 to 16.10

HCM Master Class 7 - Predicting Leadership Talent in the Digital Age

  • What does leadership really look like in the era of digitalization?
  • Why the human factor will be even more important and become the centre of leadership?
  • Usingf a data-driven approach to to capture potential in an early stage?

Presented by Philip Asberg, Data Analytics Expert, Cubiks


HCM Master Class 8 – Artificial intelligence in HR : looking beyond the myth

  • Artificial intelligence demystified: what are the opportunities for HR?
  • AI applied: a look at a new world
  • AI, machines and humans: a look at a new and promising world of collaboration

Presented by Liesbeth Van Malderghem, Partner, Deloitte; and Yves Toninato, Senior Director, Deloitte



HCM Master Class 9 – Building a customer-centric organisation: how to move up the curve? – the Cliniques univesritaires Saint-Luc cases

  • Defining which customers to address, and how
  • Addressing the technology/functional/people challenges: a close collaboration between HR and IT
  • How to create a customer-centric mindset and culture that really deliver?

Presented by Muriel Van Antwerpen, Chief HR Officer, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc, and Jacques Rossler, Chief Information Officer, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc



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