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HCM Master Class 1 – Leveraging digital disruption to create the HR of the future
HCM Master Class 2 - Leading the way in a digital world : transparency, engagement, agility
HCM Master Class 3 - Are you really ready for the future of work ?
HCM Master Class 4 – Building the nextgen organisation for talent
HCM Master Class 5 - Digital transformation powered by HR : the Agfa case
HCM Master Class 6 - Long term employability through personalisation – the BNP Paribas Fortis case
HCM Master Class 7 - Predicting Leadership Talent in the Digital Age - This master class is fully booked
HCM Master Class 8 - Artificial intelligence in HR : looking beyond the myth
HCM Master Class 9 - Building a customer-centric organisation: how to move up the curve? – the Cliniques univesritaires Saint-Luc case