Welcome to the premier CHRO event of the year

HR departments have never felt being under more pressure, and this is a defining moment for CHROs, talent management leaders and organisational effectiveness experts: an opportunity to rise up, re-design talent management processes, re-calibrate HR operational models, re-align mission-critical priorities, and drive organizational transformation.

By addressing “Building the NextGen organisation: balancing the efficient and the effective’ as central theme, the Summit 2017 will enable a big shaking of ideas on how organizations must effectively embrace digital technology, new generation workforce and fast-changing regulatory environment while gaining trust and confidence from their employees, social partners, internal governance bodies, and customers as well. Moreover, the summit will examine how the next generation organisation should be set up around highly empowered teams, driven by new workforce productivity and engagement imperatives, enabled by digital platforms, and led through a new style of leadership.

Intelligently formatted to interact and deliver, the summit 2017 is highly promising:

No theory, no academics, no sales speeches. And as an executive event in the purest sense of the term, the HR Leadership Summit is strictly and only accessible to CHROs, senior HR decision-makers, and senior managers from representative solution providers. We look forward to welcoming you there!