Welcome to Belgium’s premier strategic HR conference

Welcome to the insight-rich, networking-fertile, and intensely forward-thinking annual strategic CHRO meeting where assumptions about everything -from HRM strategies to operations to delivery to measurement- are being questioned and new approaches are being considered.

Gradually adapted and re-designed year by year to optimally interact and deliver, the summit 2019 will zoom into high-impact HR and envision how to effectively reshape work, productivity, performance, organizational effectiveness and talent management beyond traditional boundaries.

As such, the summit will be your real window to today’s HRM world. The place to learn about major trends and challenges. Your chance to learn from inspiring keynote speakers and cases. And your greatest opportunity for meaningful connections and networking with peers from the largest although best-selected community of HR leaders from Belgium and abroad.

No theory, no academics, and no single sales speech. And as an executive event in the purest sense of the term, the Summit is strictly and only accessible to CHROs, senior HR leaders, and senior managers from representative solution providers.

The HR Leadership Summit 2019 will be highly actionable and inspiring. We look forward to welcoming you there!